Al-zara is the place where you will get all kind of ancient treatment without any side effect. Our ambition is to give drugless treatment to cure our patients with holistic approach. Here we give treatment not only for the aliment also for soul .


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Origin of cupping is Egypt in 1550 b.c as a method removing foreign matter from the body.

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Wet cupping is also know as hijama is Arabic “sucking “ or medicinal bleeding , where blood is drown by the local suction.

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Liquid cupping is also called Shuiguanfa in Chinese cupping. It is so called because the bamboo cups...

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Facial or face cupping is a cosmetic therapy designed to improve the appearance of facial skin.

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The cupping procedure commonly involves creating a small area of low air pressure next to the skin.

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This is a form of Islamic cupping. A herbal solution was put into the cup before creating a vacuum.

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Magnetic cupping_02

Magnets are known to have positive effects on the body since they can induce the movement of electric currents ...

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Glass Cupping this kind of cupping is also called flash-fire cupping or Shanhuofa in Chinese cupping.

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